Bishijie to shutdown its crypto news service due to Chinese regulation

To accept central bank policies, Bishijie closed its website and app in China. Inspecting the Bishijie website today looks like Bishijie was still available to mainland Chinese users, but deleted all industry information.

Since China keeps going with a campaign targeting the cryptocurrency sector and to accept central bank policies, Bishijie, the Chinese cryptocurrency news service, has closed its website and app in China. Such an act greatly impacted the crypto industry, as the frequent crackdown of china created difficulty.

Last night the Bishijie, explained that to follow the rules and regulations put forth by the People’s Bank of China, it will shut its services on its website, claiming to “actively cooperate with regulators,” it would be “taking corrective measures as required.” 

All facts and crypto-related information such as news and market prices were catered by Bishijie. Also, it started a crypto community forum for investors. Bishijie was holding almost 40 million users, according to their own advertising.

The Forkast. news inspected Bishijie’s website today which claimed that Bishijie was still available to mainland Chinese users, however, all the exchange information had been deleted, and only the news of the halting their services was available on its homepage. Additionally, the crypto community forum page was also usable. Since yesterday, no news was updated.

According to the report given by Local media, Bishijie was hoping to amplify its service to the North American and South Korean markets. Seems like, china’s crackdown is not only focused on crypto mining and trading, but also on crypto news services.

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