Binance Has Made A Public Announcement Regarding Cryptocurrency Investment

Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange, is committed to supporting a wide range of cryptocurrency initiatives.

The Binance startup capital and incubator Binance Labs has just announced an investment in Delphinus Lab.

The future of Web3 apps is important to Binance Labs, hence the company is funding Delphinus Lab, the first open-source zkWASM virtual machine.

The goal of Delphinus Lab’s new zkWASM-based aggregation service is to increase the number of Web3 DApps available to users.

Binance Co-Founder and President of Binance Labs Yi He remarked, “At Binance Labs, we are dedicated to supporting initiatives that construct vital infrastructure to enable the growth of Web3 apps. Because of Delphinus Lab’s zkWASM implementation, many Web2 programmers will transition to the Web3 ecosystem. The zkWASM from Delphinus Lab said Our expectation is that it will set the standard for Web3 application development and user uptake.”

Delphinus Lab’s zkWASM Hub, which offers automated grouping services for the building of Web3 applications, will get the funding to support its further development. The amount of Binance’s investment was not made public.

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