Binance and TripleA collaborate on a crypto payment option

Binance’s Binance Pay service now has a new worldwide crypto payment gateway in the form of a new collaboration with Triple-A.

Binance has picked cryptocurrency payment processor TripleA as its new worldwide cryptocurrency payment gateway for its Binance Pay mobile payment function.

In a June 10 news release, Binance said that the new cooperation will play an important role in expanding Binance Pay’s worldwide usage.

Binance Pay’s Regional Head of Business Development Pakning Luk commented on the development: “This furthers Binance Pay’s objective to provide contactless, borderless, and secure cryptocurrency payments to companies and consumers.”

Eric Barbier, the company’s CEO and founder, confirmed this. A growing number of companies have approached TripleA to facilitate crypto payments, he said.

Publishers of limited-edition shoes, streetwear and collectables will be able to use the payment mechanism via Novelship, an Asian online marketplace.

Coin-based payment schemes have been increasing in popularity

Mercado Libre, a Latin American online retailer, and payment technology giant Mastercard announced a partnership to enhance the security and transparency of Mastercard’s crypto program in Brazil.

CipherTrace, Mastercard’s solution for managing regulatory and compliance obligations, will also aid the e-commerce business with this.

Bitcoin (BTC) payments have also been brought back by payment processor Stripe in cooperation with crypto startup OpenNode.

Using the new software, Stripe clients may accept BTC payments and convert their incoming funds and any remaining balance in their account to BTC.

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