Binance Achieves 200 Million User Mark Despite Difficult Path

Binance has the potential to attract 300 million users by 2026 if it continues to develop at its present rate.

The last two years have been an absolute wild ride for Binance, filled with court battles, regulatory crackdowns, billion-dollar penalties, and the founder’s jail, among other things. In spite of all the upheaval, the exchange has shown remarkable resilience, growing and reaching new heights despite the storm.

Binance became the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world when it declared on June 8 that it has more than 200 million users. At this point in time, no other exchange has the potential to compete with it. The second-largest exchange, Bybit, has a mere 27 million users.

In a social media post, Binance framed the 200 million user milestone as a major step toward its goal of enrolling one billion users, or one out of every eight people on Earth. The company celebrated the success across all of its channels.

This success comes just before Binance celebrates its seventh anniversary in July. Considering the exchange only projected 130 million members by 2023, acquiring 200 million unique users is quite an accomplishment. The crypto exchange has shown incredible resiliency and development, adding 70 million members, despite the turmoil of the last two years.

Binance may have 300 million users by 2026 if it continues at its current rate. According to data from Triple-A, the worldwide crypto user population reached 562 million individuals in 2024, and the exchange today represents around 36% of that amount. This is rather impressive.

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