Belgium’s Member of Parliament Has Promised to Convert His Entire 2022 Salary to Bitcoin

The number of elected officials interested in converting their salary to bitcoin continues to grow.

Christophe De Beukelaer, a Member of Parliament from Brussels, has chosen to follow two US mayors’ lead and convert his salary to BTC. He will, however, take it a step further by receiving all of his 2022 revenue in the form of the major cryptocurrency.

According to recent media reports, Christophe De Beukelaer has committed to convert his whole 2022 salary of 5,500 euros per month as a Brussels deputy to bitcoin, which he refers to as “digital gold.”

He will be able to do so as a result of a relationship with Bit4You, a Belgian cryptocurrency startup.

“Through this action, I wish to convey my faith in a developing financial world, one that is more open and accessible due to its decentralised nature. It is not governed by a few individuals who unilaterally decide to produce more or fewer banknotes without legislative oversight or discussion.” – he said.

He also discussed some of the most concerning aspects of today’s financial environment, such as central banks’ excessive issuance of fiat money and resultant inflation.

He also pushed his own nation to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies and its underlying technology, blockchain, stating that he does not want Belgium to “skip the train.”

De Beukelaer said that he would be the first politician in Europe to convert his salary to Bitcoin. However, this has already been accomplished on the other side of the pond.

Miami’s pro-bitcoin mayor was the first to do so, as CryptoPotato revealed. Later on, Eric Adams, New York City’s freshly elected mayor, took it a step farther. He wants to convert three checks into bitcoin (and ether).

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