Baby Shark inventor and TinyTap collaborate on digital early learning

It was announced on November 8, 2023, that the “Baby Shark’s” creators, The Pinkfong Company, and TinyTap, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands and an established ed-tech platform had signed a licensing agreement for strategic collaboration.

According to the most recent information shared with Finbold, this partnership will feature the content and intellectual property of The Pinkfong Company, including the global hit “Baby Shark,” in a number of initiatives integrated into the TinyTap ecosystem, with the goal of creating exceptional and captivating educational experiences for audiences around the world.

Together, TinyTap and The Pinkfong Company will produce a wide range of interactive and educational items for kids that foster imagination, analysis, and progress in the early years of their lives.

This partnership between companies intends to provide children with a more engaging and personalized learning experience by combining The Pinkfong Company’s popular “Baby Shark” and other characters with TinyTap’s adaptive learning platform.

In a recent interview, Gemma Joo, CEO of The Pinkfong Company, said: “It is with great excitement that we announce our partnership with TinyTap to revolutionize the landscape of early childhood education online. Since we share TinyTap’s commitment to democratizing education, we can work together to develop innovative digital products and experiences that families can use to teach and learn alongside their children.”

Starting with the launch of the TinyTap platform and ecosystem, the collaboration will provide a variety of digital instructional material and interactive learning possibilities.

TinyTap CEO and Councilman on the EDU Board Yogev Shelly said more: “We are thrilled to be working with The Pinkfong Company, whose products are enjoyed by youngsters all around the globe. When we pool our resources, we can bring a fresh perspective to the field of early education and provide engaging, relevant, and individualized content for an international audience.”

The collaboration between The Pinkfong Company and TinyTap represents a significant step forward at the crossroads of education and entertainment, bringing together two companies committed to improving the educational landscape through innovative technologies to influence the future of early education, usher in a paradigm shift in how children interact with educational materials, and provide resources for teachers, students, and the community at large.

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