Ava Labs collaborates with AWS to provide node deployment with a single click

Other new capabilities for compliance-friendly Dapps include a subnet deployment service and GovCloud connection.

According to a blog post published by Ava Labs on January 11, the creator of the Avalanche network has teamed with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deploy new capabilities designed to make hosting a node simpler.

The new capabilities include node deployment with a single click via the AWS Marketplace, AWS GovCloud integration for decentralized application (DApp) developers concerned with compliance, and the ability to build Avalanche subnets with a few clicks.

In the blog article, the CEO of Ava Labs, Emin Gün Sirer, claimed that AWS has historically been a key element of the Avalanche ecosystem since it has enabled DApp developers to readily establish nodes for software testing. He anticipates that these additional capabilities will increase AWS’s utility for Avalanche DApp developers. He elaborated:

“It has been a tremendous boost for individual and corporate developers to be able to build up nodes and test networks on the go using AWS in whatever legal jurisdiction makes the most sense. I am pleased that we’ve built a system that can support millions of participants with very instantaneous resolution. Our collaboration with Amazon may hasten the success of Avalanche.”

The majority of the Avalanche community has responded positively to the news. One user published a guide demonstrating how to start an Avalanche node with the new capabilities:

Others focused on the price reaction to the announcement: AWS is not the only cloud-computing system with which Ava Labs has established a partnership. In December, a similar partnership was forged with Alibaba Cloud.

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