Australia Decides To Classify Crypto As An Asset Class In Its 2022 Budget

Australia has a less favourable approach to taxes compared to other countries that are creating laws for the cryptocurrency industry.

Australia announced its national budget for 2022-2023 on Tuesday. In its documents, the Australian government said that digital assets will be treated as an asset class for tax purposes and not as foreign money. However, government-issued or Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)-issued cryptocurrencies will be considered foreign currencies.

Notably, almost 90 percent of the world’s Central Banks have collaborated, developed, or tested the CBDCs program to facilitate speedier and less expensive cross-border payments. Every nation wants to continue using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as valuable financial tools. However, technical intricacy looks to be one of the most serious issues.

The recent declaration confirms the Australian regulator’s position on the blockchain business since it was stated in June that Australia will not follow El Salvador’s lead and make Bitcoin legal money. In addition, it was the first time that digital assets were considered in a government budget, indicating that their popularity continues to rise.

However, the measure wants to impose annual capital gains taxes on dealers who utilized centralized exchanges to trade digital assets. To this purpose, the government intends to create laws codifying the necessary implementations for a Bitcoin-like asset.

An industry expert commented on the budget, noting that the aim of discussing virtual currencies in the document is to define the approach to regulation chosen by state politicians.

The budget attacked El Salvador’s decision to recognise Bitcoin as legal cash, which currently faces substantial losses due to Bitcoin’s rapid price decline. 

While the new regulations would make it plain to Australian asset owners that they must comply with the consistent tax obligation.

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