Armenia Opens Its Doors for Bitcoin Mining

In Armenia, a new ECOS data centre with a capacity of 60 MW has been inaugurated. Full governmental backing for the Free Economic Zone delivers unique advantages and inexpensive mining power.

In 2018, the Armenian government tasked ECOS with creating and managing a Free Economic Zone to boost the country’s high-tech and blockchain industries.

You may become a part of the ECOS mining ecosystem, which now consists of over 250,000 cloud mining and hosting users worldwide. On the grounds of the data centre, an end-to-end infrastructure was constructed, including a service centre, warehouses and regular deliveries of replacement parts, armed guards and a 24/7 crew of servicemen.

The fact that the ECOS data centre gets an extra 60 MW of clean, inexpensive, and consistent power from high-voltage networks enables it to boast almost 100 percent availability.

On an area of 2,2 hectares, the new plot can hold more than 20,000 mining equipment and can handle an additional 200 megawatts.

In addition, the appropriate temperature of this location enables the elimination of overheating issues without incurring extra costs – the average annual temperature in Hrazdan is 4.8°C.

Also, we must note ECOS’s end-to-end service: The business takes complete care and responsibility for the acquisition of mining equipment from Bitmain, on behalf of our customers, or simply helps to migrate from other data-centres to ECOS; the company’s workers test, install, and maintain equipment 24 hours a day, seven days a week; and you can monitor and manage your assets directly from the mobile app.

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