Arkham Will Enable Users To Trade Wallet Address Information

Arkham said on Monday that the “intel-to-earn” model will enable on-chain detectives to monetize their expertise while also developing a liquid market for blockchain data.

Arkham, a blockchain intelligence provider, has unveiled a new service that will enable users to anonymously trade information about wallet addresses.

The company announced “The World’s First On-Chain Intelligence Exchange” on Monday, targeting blockchain detectives and intelligence collectors. Intelligence requests from users will be posted as bounties on the exchange. After that, bounty hunters might hire private eyes to collect the money and provide the necessary information.

Investigative users on the blockchain may potentially sell or auction off information about wallet addresses. The intelligence service said on Monday that its “intel-to-earn” approach would facilitate simpler monetization for skilled on-chain investigators by creating a liquid market for blockchain information.

Our goal with the Arkham Intel Exchange is to create a decentralized, intelligence-based market driven by smart contracts in which any investigator, regardless of background or expertise, may participate and profit. This marks the beginning of a new era in crypto, one in which openness and education take centre stage.

For the first ninety days after a purchase on the Arkham Intel Exchange, the buyer will have exclusive access to the purchased Intel. According to Arkham, the purchaser will be able to extract alpha in the near future, and the decentralization of on-chain information will be guaranteed in the long term. On Tuesday, July 18th, the market will officially launch.

The blockchain intelligence firm located in Dallas has teamed up with the public auction platform Binance Launchpad. The ARKM token is the 32nd cryptocurrency to do so on Binance. On July 18, the same day that Arkham’s Intel exchange launches, the ARKM token sale will begin.

The maximum amount of money or tokens that may be allocated to ARKM on the Binance launchpad is $2.5 million. The maximum amount of ARKM tokens an individual may buy is $300,000, or $15,000. According to the statement, the token sale price for the general public is $0.05 per ARKM.

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