Apple’s Hidden Bitcoin White Paper Pays Tribute to Satoshi

Andy Baio, a technology blogger, has made the surprising discovery that a copy of the pioneering Bitcoin white paper has been covertly included in Apple’s macOS.

Baio affirmed the file’s presence in all macOS versions released in 2018: from Mojave to Ventura. A “Virtual Scanner II” device stores the Bitcoin white paper in the Image Capture application. Users can access the Bitcoin white paper by opening Terminal on their Mac and inputting a specific command. They can also navigate through the System folder in Finder.

Apple’s motivations are called into doubt by the incorporation of the Bitcoin white paper in macOS. As reported by U.Today, CEO Tim Cook confirmed in 2021 that he owned cryptocurrency.

Unknown is whether the decision to include the document was intentional or the result of an oversight by a Bitcoin enthusiast within the organization. The selection of white paper was based on its small size, which made it suitable for testing purposes.

A member of the Apple community from 2021 also emphasized the presence of the white document, but neither Apple nor its employees have provided an explanation. The mystery remains unresolved as inquisitive users continue to investigate the macOS easter egg.

A Twitter user named Josh D discovered the device on his Mac in the year 2020, which displayed a preview of a painted sign resembling a photograph by Thomas Hawk.

He discovered later that the device also contained a PDF of the renowned Bitcoin white paper. Virtual Scanner II’s function remained obscure.

Baio has been informed by a reliable source that the issue was reported internally almost a year ago and assigned to the engineer responsible for initially incorporating the PDF into the system. However, this person has not yet taken action.

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