Apple has carefully removed the Bitcoin white paper from the latest MacOS beta

Since 2018, the Bitcoin white paper has been distributed covertly within all versions of the Apple Mac operating system.

The Bitcoin white paper has been withdrawn from the latest beta version of the world’s largest technology company’s operating system upgrade.

The Bitcoin white paper has apparently disappeared after it was revealed on April 25 by Apple-centric news site 9to5Mac that the Big Tech company has deleted a test scanner tool named Virtual Scanner II from the most recent MacOS Ventura 13.4 beta.

Cointelegraph reported on April 5 from a blog post by technologist Andy Baio that for the last five years, every installation of MacOS has included a PDF copy of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper.

Virtual Scanner II on macOS located the document. No one knew why it was there, but it was thought to be “just a joke among Apple engineers,” according to the report.

Apple Insider reported that crazier conspiracy theories have emerged, such as Steve Jobs being Satoshi Nakamoto.

Apple has now withdrawn the document from the most recent version of the Mac operating system due to its lack of humor.

The white paper was in a folder within the Image Capture application alongside PDFs, images, and other seemingly arbitrary files. 9to5Mac remarked:

“This essentially validates our original hypothesis that the Bitcoin white paper and internal tool were never intended for ordinary users to discover.”

In related news, a California court ruled that the tech titan violated state competition laws by prohibiting developers from using alternative in-app payment methods. In typical Apple fashion, the company attempted to compel NFT creators and developers to use its own payments platform at a 30% commission.

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