Anon Whales Acquire 560 Billion SHIB as Meme Coin Retains Its Popularity

In the previous four hours, multiple enormous quantities of Shiba Inu tokens have been transferred. Two of the four transactions were executed with the assistance of the Binance exchange.

Shiba Inu retains its status as the most valuable asset for ETH whales, which it reclaimed earlier this week.

According to Etherscan, transactions involving between 200,000,000,000,000 and 158,081,037,000 SHIB have occurred between anonymous digital wallets.

As of the time, this post was written, the address that got this crypto is devoid of SHIB.

Shiba Inu regained its position as the greatest holder of the USD equivalent of Ethereum’s 100 largest wallets two days ago. Since then, it has maintained its value, while the top ETH whales have invested an additional $4 million in Shiba Inu.

This is comparable to 361 billion,010,832 meme tokens. Currently, they own $136,956,295 compared to $132,953,632 two days ago, as reported by the WhaleStats wallet tracker.

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