‘ADA Whale’ Declares That Launch of Liqwid Mainnet Will Be a Landmark Moment for Cardano

Cardano ($ADA) influencer “ADA whale” (“cardano whale” on Twitter) said on Thursday (26 January 2023) that next week’s implementation of interest rate protocol Liqwid represents a significant milestone for Cardano.

In order to “securely earn interest on the amount and borrowed assets with ease while receiving return on ADA from four yield sources,” users of Liqwid, “an open source, algorithmic and non-custodial interest rate protocol created for lenders, borrowers, and developers,” may use the platform’s four yield streams.

Yesterday, the Liqwid team revealed plans to deploy their mainnet the following week. Earlier today, “ADA Whale” tweeted to his more than 125,000 followers:

“The introduction of @liqwidfinance is a significant event for Cardano. Looking at our future, if we consider 2021-22 to be years of dilution (as we had our own small ICO bubble and money left the system), we are now entering a period of intra-Cardano leverage that will, in my opinion, result in a value explosion…

“Don’t let the term leverage set you off haha. Not recommending we all go full degen, I’m only stating that the reverse of 21-22 is likely to occur as 1) value remains inside the system and 2) it gains (like all other crypto ecosystems) a method to expand itself.

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