According to the IOHK Director, around 500 projects are based on Cardano

According to Tim Harrison, a director at IOHK, around 500 projects are now under construction on Cardano. According to reports, the bulk of them are in the NFT space.

According to the Marketing and Communications Director of IOHK: Cardano’s network is generating tremendous attention.

Cardano had one of the most significant mainnet upgrades in September 2021, dubbed Alonzo.
It was a phase in Cardano’s development cycle dubbed the Goguen age, and the most significant aspect of it was the integration of smart contracts.

Since then, the network has seen more significant modifications and advancements. Orbis, the first scaling solution based on ZK Rollups, was one of them.

In any event, this has resulted in a slew of initiatives based on Cardano, according to Tim Harrison, IOHK’s Marketing and Communications Director.

On March 11th, he said on LinkedIn: “The Cardano ecosystem continues to flourish, with over 500 applications currently built on Cardano, ranging from NFT collections to Defi loans and new wallets.”

Props to the whole IOG team for their continued efforts to advance the platform. It has been an extraordinary journey to get here. Additionally, congrats to the innovative, committed group of builders who have gotten this project this far. We’ve only just begun, you know.

Harrison also sent a pie chart outlining the supposed projects and their intended beneficiaries, which demonstrates that NFT collections account for the lion’s portion.

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