Aavegotchi will launch its own blockchain using Polygon Supernets

Aavegotchi, a game built on NFTs, is establishing its blockchain called Gotchichain.

Aavegotchi has announced intentions to establish its blockchain, the Gotchichain. The network will use Polygon’s Supernets service to build custom application chains.

Aavegotchi is a trading game that mirrors the 1990s toy line Tamagotchi. Aavegotchis, unlike their equivalents in the real world, carry value in the form of staked tokens and wearables, and they can be exchanged just like any other blockchain token.

The company said in a blog post on Wednesday that this release enables Aavegotchi-themed gaming-based decentralized applications to be created on its dedicated network.

Supernets is a Polygon platform that enables teams to build blockchain networks using a software development kit.

The team noted that although all Aavegotchi assets would still be mined on the Polygon sidechain, they can be transferred to Gotchichain for usage in gaming applications. The aavegotchi governance token will be the gas token for all transactions.

The team claimed that Gotchichain would be released in the early third quarter of 2023. In January 2021, Aaavegotchi’s squad was first introduced on the Polygon sidechain.

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