A ‘Shark Tank’ Star Describes Bitcoin’s Future “Mega Opportunity”

Kevin O’Leary, a prominent investor, recently stated why he continues to “allocate to Bitcoin.”

According to a post published by The Daily Hodl, his remarks were made on August 4 during an interaction with influencer “Crypto Jebb.”

The star of Shark Tank said: “Most major institutions are eager to get into the cryptocurrency game, and they’re specifically looking for the coin that started it all. They need Bitcoin. They cannot yet purchase it… I provide indexing services to institutions and sovereign funds, and they have all informed me that they want to index for Bitcoin but cannot purchase it. They have no official policy. There is no compliance infrastructure in place. Therefore, we must get this done.”

The Canadian investor made these statements on July 6, during an interview on the YouTube series “Meet Kevin.” He said that the cryptocurrency markets risk experiencing a big capitulation event, which would cause more fear among investors. O’Leary suggested that the market has not yet reached its bottom despite the two-month price decline.

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