A researcher proposes a smart education system incorporating blockchain, DAOs, NFTs, and AI

The study found that there would be 12 benefits to using these technologies together compared to the status quo.

Mehmet Frat, a researcher at Turkey’s Anadolu University, recently presented a paper titled “Smart Open Education Ecosystem” (SOEE), in which he proposed a multi-tech solution to the issues confronting the conventional educational system.

The study builds an independent learning ecosystem out of blockchain, DAOs, NFTs, ML/AI, and other forms of multimodal data analysis and digital asset management.

Frat offers a blockchain-based “open education” system that allows students to interact with one another and have their own unique educational experiences via the use of generative AI systems like ChatGPT and similar tools. A DAO would oversee the creation of NFTs for lessons, learning materials, and certifications.

Firat argues that the ultimate aim of open education is to give individuals with tailored educational experiences in addition to democratising and broadening access to education.

While not the first study of its kind, Frat’s is certainly one of the most ambitious examinations of open education on the blockchain.

A technological singularity is a paradigm in which the development of technology outpaces the abilities of its inventors. Theoretically, perpetual free education would become universal at the moment of educational singularity founded on technological convergence.

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