A little prodigy with a 162 IQ requests and receives bitcoin for Christmas

Barnaby Swinburn, 12, earned a Mensa membership after scoring 162 on the Mensa IQ exam. The dream of a 12-year-old schoolkid with an intelligence quotient (IQ) greater than Albert Einstein to possess bitcoins came true this Christmas.

Barnaby Swinburn, a Bristol, England citizen, requested two Christmas presents: a Mensa IQ exam and a Bitcoin portfolio. Swinburn achieved the maximum possible score of 162 on the exam, surpassing Einstien’s IQ of 160, according to BristolLive. As a consequence, the kid was admitted to the high-IQ society, which admits only the top 2% of Mensa scores.

Swinburn’s mother Ghislaine said the following regarding cryptocurrencies: “He’s been keeping an eye on the markets. He’ll get an envelope containing money for Christmas, which he’ll convert to cryptocurrencies.” However, the Swinburn family has yet to disclose the monetary value and cryptocurrency purchases made this Christmas.

Swinburn aspires to be a coder as a result of his passion in cryptography. “He’s already researching university programmes and aspires to attend Oxford,” Ghislaine continued.

In 2017, a Brazilian father handed his newborn daughter 1 Bitcoin (BTC) at a price of around $915.80. Four years later, on Oct. 17, the little girl watched a return of over 6,500 percent as BTC climbed past $60,000 for the first time.

Joo Canhada, the father, who is also the creator of the Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange Foxbit, subsequently understood that 2017 was his last opportunity to acquire Bitcoin for less than $1000:

“As soon as my daughter was born in 2017, I purchased 1 Bitcoin for her, not as a present, but as an investment in this emerging economy. BTC was 5,000 Brazilian Reals at the time.”

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