A Crypto Trader Made 800 ETH by Using a Bot That Made Cloned Trades

When a cryptocurrency investor saw the bot was mimicking his transactions on Blur, he made 800 Ethereum.

Seeing that a bot was mirroring his bids on the NFT market Blur, a bitcoin and NFT trader exploited the bot to sell his worthless NFTs to the bot at outrageous rates.

YouTuber Hanwe Chang said that she had tricked the bot into thinking it was receiving 800 Ethereum by imitating her own offers.

The identity of the bot’s creator was, however, quickly established. The developer responded to Chang’s tweet by claiming that money was taken from the bot via manipulation. The creator of the bot is asking for money back in exchange for a “reward” to be provided to Chang, but Chang refuses to comply.

After Chang’s deliberate deception of the bot was made evident in a tweet, an anonymous developer used the alias elizab.eth ENS threatened legal action if the money was not restored.

The 2020 event described by elizab.eth was resolved in court, according to the source the news site cited. The programmer warned that Chang might retain the money if he did not disclose that he controlled the bot, but that this was no longer an option.

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